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Follow The Game On Your Phone

I’ve been playing around with GetSportz and I’m a fan (I’m not sure if there’s a pun in there or not:)). It’s free software that lets you follow most sports in real time. While using the web (like Yahoo Sports) is nice, this is a better interface and you can get almost real time updates. I say almost only because with anything on the web you’re a little bit behind real time and the app auto-refreshes live games every minute (there are other options for periodic updates). It follows auto racing, MLB, NBA, NCAA basketball, NFL, NCAA football, golf, hockey and tennis. Within each sport there are a few options, like baseball has: 1) Today’s Games and Score 2) MLB Baseball News 3) MLB Team Standings 4) Schedules and Results and 5) Injuries. With MLB you get a great added feature – the ability to ‘watch’ the game live. What the app has is a picture of a ballpark with all of the players labeled at the appropriate locations on the field and you can see the scoreboard and pitch count which auto-refreshes. It also gives you a little blurb about the last play (like “Laird flied out to center fielder”). Now here’s a little problem for those of you with bad vision – this portion of the app (the live field view) appears to be designed for QVGA devices (like the TYTNII/Tilt) and not VGA (the Touch Pro/Fuze) so on the Fuze the field and images are 1/4 of the correct size. The results are watchable but you will squint every so often. The other screens do not have any resizing issues. But hey, it’s a free beta so I’m not complaining.

Here’s a few screenshots so you can get a feel for the app and I can tell you that from a speed perspective it’s really responsive (there’s not even the slightest delay except when it needs to get data from the server).

And here you can see what the field looks like on a Fuze as opposed to what it looks like in their stock photos:

I also noticed that some of the ‘info’ files that have some post game information did not download for me but again, it’s a beta and it could just not be working for me. All in all for anyone that’s a sports fan I think this is a great download and as you know, we’ll update you as the app gets updated and moves towards a final release. The download is available from

UPDATE: Note that this app must be installed to main memory and not to a storage card. Also, the issue with ‘yesterday’s game’ showing results from a few days ago has been resolved so just download the latest cab for the fix.