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Free App: Spin the Bottle for iOS

Is everything going to be an app now? Seriously it seems that all of the board games and everything that was done in the ‘real world’ is becoming an app now. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Are we going to have anything in the physical world anymore?


Pico de Bottella, the Spanish meaning for spin the bottle, is a sexy adult interactive game to get friends in the mood for a crazy night of fun. So long are the days of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” and old fashion “Spin the Bottle.” The new Pico de Botella isn’t for children wishing for their first kiss. This game has participants doing all the dirty, flirty moves right there at the center of the party scene.


How it works: Enter a selection of friends into the game. A picture of the individuals can be represented by an avatar or snap a picture of them so their face will appear in the Pico de Botella circle. Next, select a challenge category out of the three options or mix all three of the categories together to create a hot, thrilling night of fun and pleasure.


Now it is time to SPIN THE BOTTLE! Whomever the bottle points too, that person has to demonstrate the silly exotic challenge. For example, a player may have to pretend they are a horny dog and use the leg of another player. Or talk about the noisiest experience they’ve had in bed and demonstrate it to the rest of the group.


Pico de Botella allows up to sixteen players. It can be a rowdy group game or a fun intimate night for two. It is a great way to loosen up friends for a wild night of excitement. It is a captivating game that will get the night of fun started off right, or continue the party when you get home at the end of the night.


The Pico de Botella app is free to download with fun, optional, upgrade packages for sale such as; Sexy Stuff Pack or a Clothing Removal Pack plus many more. You must be seventeen or older to download the app. This game is made available in eight different languages. Now, Pico de Botella can be played all around the world!


Zco Corporation developed the exciting game, Pico de Botella. The game application is now available for FREE on the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes app store located in the Entertainment category.