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Free Game: Alien Avenger for iOS

Looks like a good day for free games doesn’t it? The next free game is called Alien Avenger and it’s from Candella. The game is reminiscent of the shooters from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s not a bad game, it’s fun and best of all is that it’s free!

The Story So Far

The alien invasion from Virginopolis has engulfed Earth in a titanic conflict for humanity’s very survival. Advanced Fatwa and Bailout energy weapons started tilting the conflict in favour of the aliens and their clones, the Greedy Bankers.

“We’ll never give loans to our small business customers,” proclaimed the ‘Vampire Squid’ Greedy Banker from his lofty perch on Wall Street. “Instead we’ll fu^£’em on the beaches. We’ll fu^£’em on the landing grounds. We’ll fu^£’em in the toilets. We’ll fu^£’em anywhere they stand.  We are the true Masters of the Universe. “

“We must not misunderestimate this,” cautioned former US President, George W. Bush. “These Weapons of Mass Destruction come from the Amazon rainforest. The only solution is to burn down the whole forest and turn over the land to Texas-based Big Oil.”

“There’s one simple solution to all of America’s problems,” explained US President wannabee, Michelle Blackmann. “We must completely remove all taxes on the rich, get rid of all Social Security and Medicare funding for pensioners. The only law in American society should be the Law of the Jungle.”

“We must learn to love these aliens,” said Hollywood big shot, Charlie Sheesh. offering a more conservative point of view. “Particularly their women. At least two and a half women per day.”

The battle still rages over Earth’s great cities like London, Paris and San Francisco………..Are you ready to join the fight?


The trophies that can be won in the game include Greedy Banker, Foreclosure King, Bailout Champion, Day of Rage and many more…….

Download the game from App Store today.