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Free PDF To Excel Converter

This just hit my inbox about two minutes ago and I figured why not share it. Disclaimer is I have co clue who the company is or what you’re getting yourself into. That being said the company is giving away their PDF to Excel Converter software for free for a limited time. It’s supposedly clean and virus free and all that, but again I take no responsibility, I just pass them along…


The original price of PDF To Excel Converter is $39.95 USD each license, but all users are able to get the licenses of PDF To Excel Converter before 2012 March 1st for free.

Office workers often have to move data from a PDF document to Excel to make it editable. Copying and pasting figures from a large document is a time-consuming and complex process that many users wish they could avoid.
PDF To Excel Converter is an easy to use and application that lets users convert PDF documents to Excel (XLS) in batch mode, also it can automatically decrypt the conversion protected PDF files.
This giveaway is 100% full functional, clean and free.
The giveaway is available at: