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FreeConference Mobile App for Android

I didn’t think there was a need to put ‘Free App’ in the title as free is in the app name. Anyway you business people might appreciate this one, it’s a free conferencing app for your Android devices aptly named FreeConference. It works with Android 2.0 and up, so even older devices can get in on this one. realized the value of offering on mobile phones, conferencing is made easy for those looking for a convenient way to manage and conduct conference calls wherever they may be. FreeConference, a telecommunications company, is consistently embracing new technologies such as mobile apps to connect their consumers conveniently and efficiently. The initial results of this particular product speaks for itself and shows the enormous opportunity conferencing mobile app technology presents for technical consumers to connect with respective business partners, clients, family, etc., and to meet their conferencing objectives.

FreeConference Mobile provides immediate access to everything you’ll need to start conferencing, conveniently and easily, including features that give you control of:

  • Scheduling
  • Adding participants
  • SMS and email invitations
  • Quick Connect to conference calls
  • Managing groups and contact lists

FreeConference Mobile automatically connects to your existing FreeConference account, or you can sign up within the app.

“We saw an ideal opportunity with mobile apps, realizing the market value of managing, scheduling and making conference calls from a mobile phone. I can easily see this becoming the norm for the conference call industry within the next 2 years or so.” – Chad Clawson (CEO)

Device Requirements

The FreeConference Mobile App requires Android OS version 2.0 and up. App may be installed from the Android store here: