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FreedomPop Launches Free 4G Home Broadband

FreedomPop seems cool, but I don’t like the whole advertising it as free because it’s not really as you have to pay for the equipment. Yes they call it a deposit but you’re still paying out of pocket. I looked into their mobile hotspot but I’m not interested in laying out $100 to test it and see if it might work for me. There’s no guarantee it will work correctly or good in my area, yes sure it’s a ‘refundable’ deposit but who know how long it would take to get that $100 back if I find it doesn’t work for me. I don’t like any of that kind of stuff, it’s like mail-in rebates, I hate them, I refuse to use them, I’ve got many out there floating around that I’ve never gotten and I’ve just given up on them.  I don’t understand why they can’t just sell it for the price minus the rebate and then we don’t have to deal with it.  There I go again off on a tangent, back to the subject, the FreedomPop home broadband is free 4G for you home with a guaranteed 1gig per month but you’ll need to pay $89 for the actual device and it’s a pre-order with launch expected next month. Read the whole PR if you’re interested..



FreedomPop, America’s new free Internet company, today announced its disruptive entry into the $100 billion home broadband market by accepting pre-orders for FreedomPop Hub Burst home modem scheduled to ship next month. The device will provide 100 percent free high-speed Internet in the home or small office at speeds faster than typical DSL and on par with most cable providers. 

“Major broadband providers, including Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, are pillaging consumers, charging in excess of $500 per year for home Internet,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO. “FreedomPop’s early successes have validated consumers are looking for more convenient and affordable ways to consume data.  We’ve already given away more than 15 million MBs of free data and are expanding our Beta to meet the increased demand this holiday season. The Hub Burst puts us in position to offer a compelling alternative for the massive home market much quicker than we initially planned.”

FreedomPop Hub Burst pre-order users will be given two times the current FreedomPop offering with a minimum of 1 GB of free data each month. Users will also have the ability to earn unlimited data by adding contacts to their network and engaging in partner promotions. The company also offers heavier data users a variety of cost-effective plans, starting at prices under $10 per month, 80 percent cheaper than today’s DSL or Cable offerings.

The FreedomPop Hub Burst modem and router boasts wireless antennas to boost speeds as well as Ethernet jacks to connect up to 10 Internet enabled devices, including desktops, TVs and streaming music and video players. FreedomPop will utilize the Clearwire WiMax network, ensuring that installation is as simple as plugging in the device with no time-consuming, complicated installations. Unlike traditional service providers, there are no contracts, no hidden fees and no installation issues.

“The median American household uses under 5.5 GB per month at home, yet spends over $50 for Internet service,” said Stokols. “FreedomPop gives these users an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars per year at a fraction of the inconvenience, especially for more moderate internet users.”

To pre-order the FreedomPop Hub Burst, go to while supplies last.

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