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Game Review: Pigs VS Wolves

Alright I got a game review for the iPhone crowd today.  It’s called Pigs Vs Wolves. [iTunes Link]  It’s a fun game that you can pick up and play anytime.  The idea is you are a group of Pigs defending yourselves from hoards of ravenous Wolves.

Check it out after the break…

My Take

The game has two modes of play: Classic and Survival.  I’d recommend starting with Classic so you can get the ropes of the game down.  You play on a grid of 4 x 7, that’s 4 rows and 7 columns wide. You start off with a pair of rudimentary tools at your disposal: a low end piggy bank and a pig fighter with a slingshot.  The game ends if you let a Wolf through your defenses.  As you progress through the game you get access to better piggy banks and stronger weapons.  The wolves also have varying levels of strengths that build as you progress.

Some Screen Shots

So enjoy and let us know what you think or if you have any other review requests.

Description from iTunes
48 Hrs TIME LIMITED OFFER: $2.99 ==> $ 0.99
Be careful! You are being watched! A summer day, you got lost in the desert, thirsty, tired and a little bit funky. Suddenly, a huge wave of ravening wolves appeared. What a nightmare! Run away? Nowhere to go. Shout for help? Nobody could hear you. What can you do?

Pigs VS Wolves is a new generation TD game
If you’ve played various Tower Defense games, you’ll be familiar with “Pigs VS Wolves”, the new generation TD game which makes the fierce war available on iPhone/iPod to defend yourself from enemies’ attack. In this game, you are playing the role as innocent pig, and your enemies are a group of evil wolves. Take up arms and fight!

Multivariate & Flexible:
During the game, you have the chance to get gold coins. You decide how to use them, buy more gold coin generators, exchange characters or defensive props. Besides, you choose to defense or attack.
* 11 kinds of wolves with different levels.
* 15 characters available for you to control.
* 16 different battle levels offer hours of playing.
* Classic Mode and Survival Mode make the game more flexible.
Easy Level and Normal mode cater to different experienced gamers.

How to Play The Pigs VS Wolves:
* Gold coin generator pig: It is the most important character. Without gold coins, you can’t purchase pigs used to attack or defense.
* Defensive props: Defensive props such as Scarecrow and Stone Pig are used to resist wolves’ attack so that you have enough time to lay for attacking.
* Bomb: Bomb is capable of destroying all wolves instantaneously. Perhaps it can turn the tables at critical times.
* Attack: Attack is the best form of defense. Organize your troops to destroy all the wolves that come.
* Other tips: Different characters associated with different props generate diverse effects, such as slowing down or freezing wolves. If you cannot smoothly level up, you may consider other assortment.