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GClippers -Virtual Hair Clippers

Never thought your Fuze could get any better right? Well thanks to “you know who” for pointing this out I finally present to you the Gclippers by sd00 over at XDA. You can use your phone to cut hair now…. actually just pretend like you are cutting hair.( Tried to think of something funny but it did not work). This app is pretty cool just use it as a prank or for fun. Just find some of those old plastic attachments that go onto the ends of a clipper tape them to your phone and run around your office or home pretending you have a clipper. It has very realistic sounds and  when you actually tilt the phone and move it like your cutting hair the sound changes exactly like  a real clipper. Download the app here and give it a quick try.

Here is a quick overview of how to use it:

  • Tap screen to start
  • Tap again to stop
  • 3 unique sounds – Switch on/off, No Cut and Cut
  • GSensor enabled so that tilting the "virtual clippers" towards your victims head makes a hair cutting sound