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Gel Case – Jelly Case: Not the same thing

I added an AT&T/Nokia branded black gel case to my black Lumia 900 the day I picked it up. It’s thin and semi-stiff, but pliable enough to stretch over the L900. It protects the edges of the phone and makes it easier to grip. At $20 it’s no bargain, but what is when you go shopping at AT&T. While picking up some belt cases for my L900 I decided to try a Jelly Case made by Amzur.

While the case looks similar (from a distance) to an AT&T Gel case it is rather different. The Jelly case is thicker (and a little heaver) than the Gel case. The material is softer so it flexes easily. Unfortunately, that makes it easier to catch on things and peel back. The weakest point, along the bottom edge where there is a cutout for the L900s speaker, pulls back easily making it susceptible to damage. The covered buttons on the Jelly work as well as the Gel case though. And while the cutouts for ports/speakers/microphones are not as precise, they get the job done. The Jelly case does protect the chrome bezel on the back of the L900, but I sort of prefer actually seeing it.

I chose a Maroon/Red Jelly case, but they are available in no less than 10 colors, including; Green, Orange, Grey, Baby Pink, Purple, White, Blue, Hot Pink & Black. At only $9.95 I guess it’s one of those, “you get what you pay for”, things. You can find them all at


NOTE: Got tired of waiting for AT&T to get the Cyan Gel case in stock, so I ordered one from GoCellular ( for $18.73 US, including shipping. On its way to me from British Columbia. Will finally get to experience the Cyan effect with my L900.