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George Takei talks Google Glass. Oh, myyy!

GeorgeI am a long time, die hard Star Trek fan. I grew up in science fiction fandom. I have gone to conventions, sung filksongs, and even shared a stage with George Takei. (It was a reading of a short, fan-written “Sulu story.” I got to say 3 sexy lines to him. Before he came out. It was a BLAST!)

If you haven’t heard what George has been doing in the last decade, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? He has become an Internet powerhouse. He has been called, and referred to himself as, “everyone’s favorite gay Japanese uncle.”  He’s on Twitter and Facebook, spreading memes, activism, and “using his powers for good.”

And now he’s on YouTube. Yes, AARP is sponsoring a YouTube video series called “Takei’s Take.” In episode 1, he talks Google Glass, “The stupidest Instagraph pic you’ll take this year.”

Now, go subscribe to his channel. Your funny bone will thank you.