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GleekIf version 1.8, rolling out today, is in your region, and for whatever reason (financial, your country’s Marketplace restrictions) you can’t throw the developer the purchase price, you can unlock the full functionality of glƏƏk! for free with a special hashtag (numbers of unlocks may be limited).

The developer, Liquid Daffodil, is celebrating 500,000 downloads with a special “magic hashtag” that will allow trial users to unlock the full functionality of glƏƏk!   I’ve been using glƏƏk! for a while now, and while I still have a few niggling problems, overall I love it.  The color-coding of people in your Timeline is especially AWESOME – I can see a “category” of a person at a glance.

The special hashtag (which may change at any time?) today is #wpcentralrocks.  Future codes will be posted to the glƏƏk! Twitter account, @gleekthis.

This developer is Insanely Helpful, and listens to the users (I got some functionality I missed inserted in an earlier release by requesting it).  If at a later date, you can afford/are able to click the “buy” to contribute to the Awesomeness, please do so!

OI!!  Where’s #mobilitydigestrocks?!

Edit: Okay, because of the time it takes updates to show up in the Marketplace, the devloper is extending the magic hashtag of #wpcentralrocks through 5/16 and 5/17.  On 5/18 at midnight Canberra time (UTC +10; subtract 14 hours for USEast current time, so 10am on 5/17 if I have my arithmetic correct) the new magic hashtag will be #benthepcguyisbald.  24 hours later the magic hashtag will be #wpareaderocks (yes, 1 r according to @gleekthis).  Again, if you can afford the $1.99USD to buy it, that’s certainly preferred because we WANT to support our developers on ANY platform!  But I also understand that there are situations when people can’t justify any extra spending, and that in some regions the Marketplace rules are a pain in the rear-end.

And don’t worry – #mobilitydigestrocks is coming!!

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