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BubbleWrap…the Game

bubblewrap1You know that bubble wrap stuff that comes in all of your packaging that you love to pop (but don’t understand why it’s so much fun)? Well Herm made it into a game! Here’s what it is. You race to pop as many of the bubbles as possible against a clock and as you pop them they ‘regenerate’ (they don’t just reappear – they go all Terminator 2 on you) and you need to keep the race going. If you pop all of the bubbles before they regenerate you get bonus points of your score plus 5 multiplied by the time left. Again, it’s fun and well made as expected from Herm. Great time waster and oddly very amusing:)

This supports VGA, QVGA, WVGA and WQVGA resolutions (Tilt, Fuze, Touch Pro 2 and the Omnia for example). It does require OpenGL (newer phones have it so don’t worry) but a cab is provided if you are missing that. Enjoy and if you enjoy it feel free to buy Herm a bubble tea for his hard work!:)

The downloads is available here from XDA and here from Herm’s site.