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Get Ilium Software’s NewsBreak Lite Free

NewsBreak is Ilium’s applauded RSS reader and now Microsoft is providing it for free (with a five feed limitation). This is normally a $20 piece of software. It’s really fast and easy to use and includes podcasts. I tested it out on my Fuze and it was up and running in seconds and the speed really makes it a winner.

NewsBreak Lite, an RSS reader for your Windows Mobile phone, has a rich interface that makes it easy to customize and browse your RSS feeds. You can save keywords that NewsBreak Lite will use to quickly find stories that interest you, use alerts to stay up to date on information that’s most important to you, and use keyword icons to spot headlines that matter to you. NewsBreak Lite makes it simple to schedule downloads of podcasts so you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. You can even share headlines with your friends and family directly from NewsBreak Lite.

By the way, when you add Fuze Mobility it’s two words when searching:) The download from Microsoft is available here and Ilium’s site for more information and links to purchase the full version is here.