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Get More Out of Texting

I know a lot of you do not have data plans so the ability to get a lot of the data features through texting should come in handy. Well put together a nice list of ten things you can do by texting. They have a quick guide to perform the following:

  • Track your packages from almost any carrier using TrackThis
  • Get stock quotes through Yahoo! Alerts
  • Track your expenses through Xpenser
  • Quit smoking through Qwitter
  • Pay your bills with Sepomo
  • Send searches to your phone
  • Get updated listings on Craiglist using Craig’s List Buddy
  • Update your Amazon wishlist, your Netflix queue and Facebook through Kwiry
  • Search Google for locations, directions and other functions using Google over SMS
  • Order Pizza from Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut (you need to set up an account with them first)

Pretty neat list even for those of us with data plans since these are still time savers. If you have other suggestions feel free to share.