So I’ve got a deal for you I just had to share it. Yes I’m going to shamelessly plug my own review right now. Over on TestFreaks I just posted my review of the Energizer XP4001 4000 mAh Universal Portable Charger which I found to be just an excellent product overall. In fact I really couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  I got it from the Mobile Fun USA site for review and they gave me a discount code to go  with it. The XP4001 is normally $49.99 but it’s on sale right now for $29.99 and the code I have gives you $20 off so the total is $9.99. The cheapest shipping is $5.99 so your total would be $15.98 shipped to your door!


To read my review and to learn more about the XP4001 see my review:


If you want to buy one, and I think you should at that price, do this:

Go here to the XP4001 product page—4000-mah.htm   and just add it to your cart and checkout. On the checkout page you’ll see a space to enter a coupon or discount code, put this in ‘20energi’ and hit Apply, you’ll then see the price discounted in your cart.


  1. Thank you, it was a difficult process ordering with them. Their server crashed last night? But I got an order in today. Should have gotten 2.

  2. Still waiting for it.
    I have ordered 4 other products since I ordered this one. 2 from amazon, one from e-bay, have been delivered already, and one from 1saleaday I am still waiting for. But I have bought from them before, so I am not worried.
    But I don’t know Mobile Fun, and it is prime shipping season…
    Hoping now that I have said this “out loud” it will show up tomorrow.

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