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Get Your Drink on with a Case from HeadCase


yeah I think this product is aimed squarely at college kids and the younger among us. A case with a bottle opener built in. I wonder how cases of drinking and dialing occur because of this thing?! Anyway, they just announced that their cases are compatible with the HTC Evo and BlackBerry phones and they’re now doing collegiate-licensed cases as well. Yeah it’s most certainly aimed at the college crowd I think.. They’ve also just announced a free app that goes with it that actually counts how many bottles you’ve opened…


My Innoventure, LLC ( has answered consumer requests for bottle opener phone cases for the HTC, Droid, Android and Blackberry lovers — even offering collegiate-licensed bottle opener cases.


This ingeniously cool phone case features an integrated stainless steel bottle opener in a protective, rubberized, hard-shell case. It even opens pesky, hard-to-open can tabs. This stylish case is the world’s FIRST AND ONLY case that comes with a FREE APP! We put the “app” in happy hour! The App counts the brews you pop, displays pictures (from your library) and plays your songs/sounds of choice every time it cracks open a cold one. You can also set specific counters and track where you have been as you pop-tops. With the Free App, users can check-in with FaceBook, Twitter and FourSquare when opening a bottle or can! (


ABI Research estimates that the average smartphone owner has spent an additional $60 accessorizing their device. The bottle opener phone cases sell for a 3rd of that amount.

“Everyone needs a phone case. Why not buy a case that is fun AND functional? The bottle opener will not affect phone signal and the case itself is slim with a raised front edge to protect your screen.” says Dean Monaco President of Be A


Be A also offers bottle opener cases for all iPhone models and a variety of other cutting-edge phone cases in cool colors and styles. COMING SOON…the iPhone5 bottle opener phone case.