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Go For A Run Or A Bike Ride

Some of us are obsessed with our phones and that’s not a problem as long as you remember to not be too obsessed and to go outside and enjoy the Spring weather. And what better way to combine a healthy obsession with a healthy life style than with some apps that are designed to track your runs and bike rides? I just want to go through two apps that are designed specifically for biking and running and they’re both great apps.

First, for the runners out there is TrackMyRun which is freeware from gweedo767 of XDA. It tracks you in real time and gives you an easy display to show you the distance run, time, pace, calories, and progress. And it integrates with Google Maps so when you’re done running you can see the course you can and even email that course to show it off:) Overall it’s simple to use and works well. It even has audible notices to help you keep track of your goals without looking at your phone every minute.  If you want to view the Google Maps results on your phone then you need Google Maps installed.

Let’s move on to the bikers out there. Bike Dashboard offers just about every imaginable piece of information you could desire if you’re riding a bike (I could easily see someone mounting there phone on their handle bar so they can keep an eye on this app while they bike). It tells you your speed (based on GPS) including max and min speeds, altitude (which for bikers is often more important than distance) including current altitude and change in altitude, time traveled plus the actual time, distance traveled and direction. There’s also a graph screen to display speed and altitude. And there’s even a map page so you can track your ride and you can even have it display preset routes which you can download to your phone and follow. In fact, this app even has a PC desktop companion so you can look at and analyze your ride on your desktop. Pretty sexy stuff. This app was just updated this past week to work with VGA resolutions (like our Fuzes).

Both of these apps are under development but they are very far along the development path and they’re not beta v.1 versions so you can expect good results and fully developed apps with either of them. While you could use either app for both biking and running you guys probably know that I’m a big fan of options and I think the slight difference in the home screens of each are  tweaked towards the activity, so you should probably do what I did and have both installed so you’re ready for anything;) Enjoy the good weather.

Of course, hats off to the developers for their great work on these apps.

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