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Good Night Mowgli Interactive Ebook Coming to iPad December 11th

Some news for you, or I should say some news for your kids! Good Night Mowgli is coming iPad on December 11th for $3.99 and it’s an interactive storybook and it uses stereoscopic 3D to make the pages come to life, or at least seem to anyway. Sounds like a great storybook for kids and there’s some screenshots below along with more info..

App Logo GNM_01 GNM_02 GNM_03 


VividhaHMI, an innovative developer of mobile applications and games, announced today thatGood Night Mowgli, an interactive e-book for iPad, will be available on December 11 on the App Store. Good Night Mowgli is one-of-a-kind interactive book where children and kids at heart journey through pages of stereoscopic 3D, as they drift into peaceful sleep to bedtime tales and soothing lullabies.

Utilizing the most exciting features of iOS 7, Good Night Mowgli brings eye-catching 3D-like imagery that creates a true sense of depth with each turn of the page and physics-based interactivity to a traditional storybook experience that will delight kids and parents alike. The familiar Jungle background helps tell the tale as it resonates with both kids and adults.

Good Night Mowgli transports one back in time to the golden days of childhood with its plot, storytelling, sound, music, light, color, and voice acting. Voices of well-known voice actors Susie Brann, David Holt and Patrick Cremin make this book stand out.

“Usually interactive story books depend upon narration, but we wanted to bring it up a notch up in Good Night Mowgli. We have used full-fledged voice acting by some of the best talent in the industry to make it come alive,” said Santosh Kumar, CEO, VivihaHMI. “Kids and parents will love the new parallax visuals and interactivity that makes this app a first-of-its-kind. Not only is it beautiful but it also helps parents soothe their children to sleep.”

Good Night Mowgli features bedtime tales told to Mowgli in the Jungle by his friends and family. As the sun goes down and the moon rises, kids are transported to Mowgli’s forest and experience bedtime stories like never before. Readers will love to interact with pictures across pages of the story and animate characters and objects through the use of iOS 7’s physics simulated feedback. Through advanced parallax motion effects and traditional two-dimensional art pieces, the storybook’s pages come to life as readers tilt the iPad to see different viewing perspectives. With beautiful artwork, wonderful narration, and soothing music, kids and parents will rest peacefully this holiday with Good Night Mowgli.

Good Night Mowgli will be available on December 11 on the App Store for iPad download for the suggested price of $3.99. For more information, please ‘like’ us on Facebook.