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Google Adds Jelly Beans Outside Building 44

Google has always had me scratching my head as to why they  felt the need to name the versions of their Mobile Operating System Android after something sweet. To me it always made the OS sound comical and not taken very serious by Google. It’s very obvious that Google takes the Mobile OS seriously of course as the Android Army has marched across the mobile world with reckless abandon. The latest version out right now is called Ice Cream Sandwich which is soon to be superseded by Jelly Bean, or Android 4.1 which is due out later this year. Sounds crazy right? Well if you don’t believe that Google would name another mobile OS after some sort of sweet dessert, the check out their front lawn in front of Building 44. There is a new spilled Jelly Bean display that goes along with all the older OS versions. Personally, I like the green jelly beans the best.


[via The Verge]