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Google Nexus One Disappoints

If you’re a huge fan of the Nexus One like Doug Simmons then you’re in the minority. Google’s earnings came out today…not pretty. It states that “the phone has not seen the same success in the market as the Droid and other alternatives. Previously we expected the phone would ultimately reach carrier stores for sale, which has not yet happened. Our prior estimate of 350k Nexus One’s sold in Q1 appears aggressive and we believe the number may be closer to 160k for Q1.” Wow – 160k sales – 45% of the expectations. Based on the blogspheres you’d think there would be at least another zero there, but those sales figures are worse than the Palm Pre’s and the Pre’s sales was considered a failure…

It’s an experiment gone wrong. Trying to sell a device sight-unseen is a bad idea and it had a number of issues ranging from 3G coverage to questions about its screen and when it hits stores there will be other devices (like the Incredible) so I don’t see why anyone would pick the N1 with lower specs.