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Google Takes Aim At Amazon With Nexus 7 Tablet


For years Google has trumpeted the beauty of their Android platform being open source and beat the drum loudly that OEMs were free to use their Android mobile OS. Well Amazon took a version of Android, forked it, and placed their brand front and center. Amazon went so far as to create their own Amazon market for apps and digital content. This meant that buyers of the Amazon Kindle Fire were not pushed to use Google services and that means less data points for Google’s actual business-Advertising.

Google doesn’t take kindly to these type of things and the result is today’s unveiling of the Nexus 7 tablet. Google touts the pure and best Google Play experience is seen on the device and that certainly appears to be true. This just isn’t the main reason for the device, Google is clearly peeved that Amazon managed to rack up sales and cut Google out of profiting from their brand. This is a warning to their other OEM partners to not try to go the Amazon route or fear facing Google as their chief competitor.

As much as Google brings the best of Google Play to the tablet it can’t escape the certainty that they are aiming to destroy one of their own. It must be clear that Google is an advertising company first and foremost, any attempt at circumventing their search monopoly will be met with strong and swift action.

For you, the consumer, it’s a big time win. A $199 7” pure Google tablet running the latest and greatest from Mountain View packed with awesomeness that includes a Tegra 3 quad core processor, 12 core GPU and sporting and 1280 x 800 full HD display.

Google also announced a strong lineup of content partners pushing tv shows and movies available to rent and purchase. All your content is stored in the cloud too.

Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook now have legitmate, scary competition on the low end price market. It has to make Barnes & Noble’s joint venture with Microsoft look that much better. For Amazon it means a tougher road to tow and possibly a reason to jump to another OS. For the iPad it means they are still the cream of the crop  and their chief competitor is going to be Microsoft at the high end not Android. Other Android tablet OEMs have to be less than ecstatic themselves seeing Google stepping on toes without much care.