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Google to make cloudbased iTunes service. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck

One of my biggest gripes with Apple products (not their overarching and stupid philosophies about electronics as a company but products themselves) is their need to plug any portable device they sell you into a computer with iTunes.  Now I understand this is to make purchasing easier but iTunes, especially bundled with Quicktime, is just crap.  For playing, transfering, or doing anything other than looking ugly and causing issues, iTunes fails.  It’s also been one of those things that allows Apple to monetize their handsets in the market and cause some people headaches

Google is looking to rake in the same kind of revenue with the ever expanding Android market share and not screw consumers at the same time.  Google intends to one-up iTunes by allowing cloud based synching with handsets AND allowing remote access to all DRM-free media stored on your Android device.  They also haven’t come out and said that the Google music service will be mandatory for Android devices.  I assume this will be attatched to your google account, but is still not something you’re required to put on every computer you want to plug your phone into either.  Apple seems to be moving torward wireless synching, whether you have to download and app or otherwise, but cloudbased access to media is no where to be found.  There isn’t enough details to see whether or not this will be just media purchased through Google’s music market but, knowing Google, will probably include all DRM-free media, Google bought or not. 

Original story over at TechCrunch HERE.