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Google Wallet, smartphones purposes just got expanded

It’s now very clear that Google had some big plans for the NFC chip installed in Nexus S. Yesterday, Google announced Google Wallet, a mobile payment system backed up by numerous retail and financial partners including Subway, Macy’s, Walgreens, Toys ‘R Us, First Data, Citibank and MasterCard & Sprint. Google Wallet can replace your bulk wallet by storing all your credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards. And in the future you might be also able to store boarding passes, tickets, ID and even keys in your digital wallet.

At launch, Google Wallet will support Citi MasterCard and Google Prepaid Card, which can be funded from any other card. Wherever the contactless Mastercard ‘PayPass’ is installed, you can “tap, pay and save” using your NFC chip equipped smartphone.

Google Wallet will be no exception to US-only initially like most of the new and good stuffs by Google are. But, isn’t that good for rest of the world? US is the test field, only best products gets expanded internationally. The ones which fail in the test field gets abandoned even before the rest of the world gets a glimpse.

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