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Google’s Android Now Running Better Than Ever On Your Fuze/Touch Pro

There has been a lot of buzz about the Google Android Devices, and I must say they all look really cool. And like all things cool, we must have them on our device no matter if it is an AT&T Fuze or HTC Touch Pro! It has got to be ported. I know you are thinking that Google Android has already been ported, what is the guy talking about? It has, but now it has been ported better than ever. Our good Friend and Fuze/Touch Pro Expert over at Doug Simmons dropped me this email today and I thought I would post his excellent article as it was. Check it out:

Running Google’s Android on the Tilt/Kaiser has been possible for some time however the hardware, specifically the resolution, made it less than awesome and made you wishing someone would get this sucker ported to the Fuze. Well folks noellenchris of XDA pulled it off. Ideally I prefer to tout software I’ve tried myself but I gave my momma my Fuze. So I used the boys in #xda-devs to test a slightly tweaked version I made with the AT&T MEdiaNet settings in and according to Jason8 data works out of the box (out of the zip, rather).

To get it running, download this – – and unzip it onto the root of your SD chip. In WinMo go in File Explorer, to Storage Card and tap haret.exe which is the Linux bootloader and it will start up. You do not need to format or do anything else to your chip and it won’t harm your existing WinMo rom. When you’re tired of it, just soft reset and you’re back in WinMo. Further instructions from XDA – and keep an eye on that thread if you get obsessed and want updates down the line.

Known limitations include no AT&T keymap (it uses the Euro layout with the numbers on top), you may not be able to charge the phone while running Android and no SMS unless you download Google Voice (and have an account) from Marketplace. This is Android 1.6 not 2.0 which means no, sorry, you cannot run the awesome Google Maps Navigation software. But hey, Android baby. This is probably as close to Android as you’ll get with AT&T so check out life on the other side. Did I mention Android’s Linux?

Doug Simmons

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