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Google’s Multi-Million Channel TV Meets Android

Today Google announced what they’re dubbing the multi-million channel tv. A gimmick of a name for sure, but what it is, is a traditional tv plus the ability to stream internet content on your TV as well. it’s beyond just YouTube content. So if you want to watch a show, Google search results (which include voice searches) will try to locate it for you. The system itself is Android based and if you have an Android device then you can display Android apps on the tv and you can integrate the apps, like having a Twitter stream discussing the show while it’s on. The system will include flash and a web browser so you can bring web content to your tv. These are going on sale in the Fall at Best Buy. This isn’t the first tv + web platform out there, but it does have the power of Goog which is a lot of marketing. This is also a direct competitor for the MS Silverlight SOC coming out later this year as well.

I presume the cost of these tvs will be essentially the same as tvs without it since the costs to implement are fractional to the cost of a tv and of course, Goog doesn’t want to sell you software or hardware. They’ll give it to you…you just have to hand over your data for them and they’ll be happy.

What do you guys think of this? The overall concept of web on a tv is nice and we’re all headed in that direction whether we want to or not so may as well embrace it…so this may be the next screen that all the companies battle for supremacy over.