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GoogSMS – Get Google Info Without Data

We’ve already discussed ways to use text messaging to get a lot of information without using a data plan. Well now user vn1minh has put together a nice little interface so that you can easily have access to Google SMS functions. Now you can easily scroll through a list of the possible options (and each shows an example of how to type your entry) and you have a fast and quick response. The information ranges from movie info, stocks, weather, directions, flight info, sports scores, translations, currency conversions, etc. So it’s a nice interface and I have to say, you can probably find results quicker with this method than with opening a browser and waiting for data to load. Overall it’s a very nice app that performs well. The scrolling is very sensitive – just tap straight down to pick an option and it’s fine though.

The application can be found here (along with the serial number that you need to enter the first time that you run it). Of course, if you appreciate his efforts you should buy vn1minh a beer to show your appreciation:)

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