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GOTW #3: Xtrakt!

Now you may be thinking to yourself… Hmm… Isn’t that game from the Sony Xperia? Yep! and leave it to itje to extract it and CR7KB24 to let everyone know that it works very well on the Touch Pro and HD!

Starting it up you’ll notice that it is done RIGHT… it loads fast and its great to see the Sony Ericsson splash screen show right up…  On the first loading screen you can notice the problem though… It was originally designed for WVGA, so you lose some of the screen on the Touch Pro.  Good thing they designed it to run in the middle of the screen though because you do lose some scores and the exit button is kind of tricky, but you can still play the whole game.

The game is pretty simple.  You’re driving a motorcycle through a city avoiding/shooting the enemies and roadblocks on your way.  You move your guy from left to right with your stylus/finger and then click the enemies with the stylus also.  You win by surviving! 

The game is created by Southend Interactive but they do not list anything on their site but with all the news online about the game, that may change.  THIS game is HUGE proof that the Touch Pro/HD can handle great games like the iPhone can, people just need to get DEVELOPING!

I do have the Ati 3D drivers installed, so that may help but apart from that there aren’t any special tweaks you have to do.  Go download and play!  As ALWAYS, follow along in our Forums!

Read on for some more screenshots!


image image

See the Blue box in the top left, that is your EXIT button… LEARN IT LOVE IT!



image image