Here is a really cool and simple little application that will tell you just how fast you are really going!

Created by scott8813 over at XDA, GPS Speedo, and please don’t bring up any images of me in my bathing suit either! (good thing I posted this after lunch huh?) comes with two different background colors and is skinnable so you can change it to any look you like.

As you can see form the picture to the right, it is pretty accurate also. I know a lot of people are having problems with thier GPS on the AT&T Fuze, but mine worked great. However, I am using a different ROM and RADIO, so that may be the difference. Anyone still using a stock ROM, please let us know if you had any problem. There is some discussion on GPS Speedo in our forums also which you can check out by clicking here.



Grab GPS Speedo by clinking the link below:


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