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Hallmark Mobile Greetings Launches Today



I really debated back and forth with myself about posting this press release.. We didn’t have a category for ‘Annoying Things’ or ‘Just Plain Stupid’ things… I’ve got an Aunt who sends out these stupid Hallmark ecards to my email, she used to send them for everything, it’s a Monday, hey I got a card, I had to tell her off to make her stop sending me them, they’re annoying and just stupid. I’m sure many of you out there have a relative like her, or a friend, or multiples of both who just think it’s so cute to send e-cards to people. The worst violators are those that are relatively new to the internet, now they’ve got yet another way to bother us, on our phones… These though aren’t free, they cost 99cents and the charges to the person receiving the greeting, hopefully the fee will cut back on cutesy cards being sent everywhere… I don’t even want to see one… this is just a bad idea overall…

Hallmark Mobile Greetings, which launches today, is an innovative new product for cell phones that combines the immediacy of a text message with creative design and editorial. Senders can also add their own personal message to any of the greetings. The initial launch includes a small network of phone models, eventually Hallmark Mobile Greetings will work on the majority of mobile phone models and will be able to be sent from most major mobile phone networks to any other network.


"Millions of people rely on cell phones as part of their daily routine of connecting with others," said Mike Adams, Hallmark Mobile manager. "With Hallmark Mobile Greetings, consumers can creatively connect right away over everyday moments and occasions like a shared joke or words of encouragement. We are taking the skill Hallmark has of helping people connect and are bringing it to the mobile world."

Hallmark Mobile Greetings is available by downloading to a cell phone the free mobile phone application from Users can then send greetings to other mobile phones. In addition, consumers also can send greetings directly from for delivery to a mobile device.

Each Hallmark Mobile Greeting costs 99 cents. Fees are billed as part of monthly service-provider charges and the sender is only charged if the recipient opens the mobile greeting. The application itself is free of charge, though standard data rates may apply so consumers are advised to check their contract with their carrier.

More than 500 Hallmark Mobile Greetings are available in the following categories: Just for Fun, Birthday, Thinking of You, Love, Holidays, Characters & Collections, Congratulations and Business Greetings. More categories and mobile greetings will be added in the future.

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