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Hands on HTC AT&T Tilt 2 with Android 2.2 and SOUND!

Seriously… just watch the video.

If you find this too painful to watch, I don’t blame you.

That about sums up my opinions about the Android experience on the Tilt 2.  I even recorded a 8 minute video that I ultimately scrapped in favor of this since I had so many issues.  It’s nothing against the XDAndroid blokes.. no, they’re awesome.  Doing great work with limited resources.  It’s the Tilt 2.  I mean, the damn thing is slow as hell and there’s no saving it.  Please, don’t come up with some excuse for it.  It’s just NOT GOOD.  And fighting with WinMo before I booted into android (and yes, it’s a custom ROM from NRGZ28 on XDA) was a very painful and humbling experience.  I have officially adopted the iPhone 4 as my device of choice and will remain there until something better comes along.  Will it be Windows Phone 7?  Time will only tell.  All I know, is that it sure as hell won’t be Android hacked onto an inferior device like the Tilt 2.

To all you Tilt 2 owners and operators:  I’m sorry that I just crapped all over the Tilt 2.  I really am.  In the past, I honestly thought that I liked my phone.  Now I see that I was just a little crazy.  I just hope that you don’t use an iPhone 4 or an Evo 4G (or hell, ANY 1GHz+ phone w/Android) without having some extra cash laying around, cause you’re going to want one of those INSTANTLY.

If you’re still curious about experiencing the eye gouging I just endured, click over to the Android section of the Rhodium forums on by clicking HERE.

I feel that I need to reiterate that I’m not hating on the XDAndroid people, the OS, or anyone that uses it.  In fact, I like Android.  I am however, hating on the Tilt 2 something crazy.