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Happy Hills is available free with FreeAppADay

Free is nice, and I’ve got a free game for you called Happy Hills for you iOS owners out there. You can get the main game for free today and there’s additional level packs for it available at a discounted price as well.



Dreamfab and Chimera Entertainment have announced today that the iOS version of Happy Hills for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available for a limited time on! Featuring hours of "hill"arious fun, Happy Hills tasks players to remove the heavy blocks that are weighing down the hills and generally ruining the day. Different types of blocks – including wood, stone, metal, balloon and ice blocks – introduce additional difficulties, as players must determine how best to utilize each block to leverage their specific weaknesses and bring about a quicker solution. At the end of each region players must defeat the larger, more difficult Boss Blocks in order to free the Happy Hills and return Euphoria to its normal joyful state. With 48 original Grassland levels available for free with this promotion, Happy Hills offers hours of calculating physics fun to players of all ages.

In addition to downloading the full game of Happy Hills for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free today on, players can also download the "Arctic" and "Desert" Happy Hills level packs, (normally $1.99 and containing 48 levels each), for the discounted price of $0.99. Don’t miss this opportunity to download the game for free and the discounted level packs today through the following link:

For more information about Happy Hills and dreamfab, visit: