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Hauppauge Launches New Free App to Watch Live TV on the iPad


Want to watch live TV on your iPad? Want to get it for free? Well, Hauppauge just released WinTV for iPad app that is all that and more..

Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAUP), the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of TV tuner products for personal computers, has announced the launch of the ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ application optimized for Apple’s iPad and available at no charge in the App Store. ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ allows Hauppauge WinTV Extend customers to watch their favorite TV programs live on their iPad in the home via their Wi-Fi network, or outside of the home—in a hotel, at an airport etc.–any place their iPad has an Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

The ‘WinTV for iPad’ app is available at no cost from the Apple App Store. To find it, search for ‘WinTV.’

The ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ application delivers enhanced TV watching features such as a better iPad screen format, easier navigation of TV channel lists, landscape and portrait TV watching modes, and better network utilization on Wi-Fi networks. In addition to watching live TV, a user who has recorded TV programs using a PC-based Hauppauge TV tuner can watch those recordings on their iPad. Like live TV, these pre-recorded TV programs can be watched in the house or anywhere the user has an Wi-Fi Internet connection.

The Hauppauge live TV system has two pieces: a TV transmitter which runs on a home or office PC, and the ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ TV receiving application which runs on the iPad. The live TV transmitter can be any one of the popular Hauppauge WinTV TV tuners. These PC-based TV tuners plug into a Windows based PC and connect to a users TV source, such as a cable or satellite TV or an over-the-air TV antenna. The WinTV TV tuner uses Hauppauge’s ‘WinTV v7.2’ application, which formats the live TV program into a form which can be watched on an iPad, and then transmits the formatted TV signal to the new Hauppauge ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ application.

An overview and screen shots of the ‘WinTV for iPad’ app are available here: