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Herm Brings The Holiday Spirit

Well it’s that time of the year so would you expect anything less from Herm than some new holiday themed games?:) Well this time he’s brought us two apps in one. It’s called Holiday Spirit and one app gives you both a Christmas and Hannukah (Chanuka – hey you spell it how you want to:)) game. First up is the Christmas game called Santa Run. Here’s the deal, Santa’s sled is down and gifts are falling from the sky so you need to avoid them. The game utilizes the gsensor (or you can use the touchscreen as well by pressing left/right) and as the gifts fall from the sky and bounce towards Santa you need to maneuver him left/right to avoid them. Of course, Herm gives you multiple ways to play with a timed version (anywhere from 1 to 10 minute games) or simply play to beat your high score. It also varies from easy, medium or hard so there are plenty of ways to keep you playing. From experience, this is one of those games that seems so simple on its face but really gets you hooked pretty quickly and as expected, the game play is smooth as butter. The little details are all there- if you tilt the screen very far then Santa will run instead of walk for example. And you get Christmas music playing in the background (which you can toggle on/off) and you can even pause the game in mid-play if needed. I have to sadly admit that I’ve probably spent a few hours on this game already…I know it seems like a simple time killer but now that I’ve gotten the game down pat I need to keep pushing the hard level as far as I can go…the kids are relying on me to save Christmas dangit!:)

Next up is Dreidel. For anyone who has played dreidel it’s just like that…without the actual dreidel:) If you don’t know or never played, a dreidel is a four-sided  top that you spin and depending on what side it lands on your get or give coins (which are usually chocolate but hey, you can use what you want). As usual, Herm’s version is chocked full of options. You can spin the dreidel by either pressing the onscreen button or by swiping across the dreidel. And you don’t need to memorize what the outcomes are since the game will tell you the result (and the rules are in the help file). But depending on what you land on you get to take everything from the pot, get half the pot, need to add one into the pot or get skipped. This is a multiplayer game and at setup you can type in the player’s names so they appear as you go. You can also choose to play until one player gets the entire pot or until one person is out of coins. As always, you’re greeted with smooth animation and music in the background (it’s a snippet from SouthPark that I can’t stop hearing it in my head:)). This is fun for the holidays and adds the convenience of being able to play dreidel on the go. Perfect for the holidays, for teaching kids how to play..or make your own betting scheme up – I’m sure you can do it:)

These two apps are bundled into one download so for just $.99 you can get both games from Herm’s Software. A great value, great applications and great holiday fun. Thanks again Herm – you never stop amazing us.