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Honeycomb Music App Leaked [root]

It’s apparently an early version with just a nicer look to it, it doesn’t do the music cloud syncing, but if you want to get down with a taste of Honeycomb and you know how to push in a /system/app-level native application (need root first of all and no, you don’t install it like some Swype beta), here’s the apk brought to you one way or another by JDM from XDA. At your own risk, nandroid backup first etc.

Until they get that Picasa-like music syncing in there, not much to write home about but hey man, Honeycomb. If you’d rather pass on installing it and instead watch a video of it in action, knock your socks off:

You know, for you bloggers out there, if you’re wondering what to write about and want to try to scoop other sites for once (not saying I did that in this instance but if I had fewer things to do in life I might have), just keep an eye on the development and apps forums of both your phone and of your phone’s platform on various forums which I further and more strongly recommend you stuff into Google Reader to sync up with your phone. That’s a good tip right there.

Here’s another good tip – go easy on the Red Bull; that shit’s addictive, and it isn’t cheap like crack.

Doug Simmons