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Hot Damn, CyanogenMOD on 500K+ Androids

Moves like Jagger baby. And that’s not including derivative ROMs. So CM is a popular custom rom franchise. It’s not so much that it makes your phone better, rather if you’ve got an Android phone, to use a car analogy, if you want to drive stick shift, firing up CyanogenMOD gives your phone a manual transmission, capiche? So let’s not all start saying Google employees are slacking and a ragtag bunch of geeks are finishing the job for them. Different strokes for different folks, and you get many strokes from which to choose by going Android.

Seems a lot of consumers out there like to drive their phone with a stick shift as the team behind CM which is surrounded by a large community of informal contributors typically found on IRC, XDA, the CM forums and everywhere else pretty much, is supporting a couple hundred devices with the devices whose users don’t mind it phoning home to report its existence (not mandatory) striking the 500K mark. Counting those who opted out of the anonymous reporting plus custom roms based on CM plus other custom roms, who the hell knows how many, but a lot. Enough that I’d call it almost a mainstream activity to be taken seriously by the man, running custom Android roms.

What’s interesting to me is that one out of three of those installations are not of an official release or even a release candidate but of a nightly or a kang release, the kind of software that you’re warned extra aggressively to use at your own risk and that it is unstable, buggy etc, the ones you have to google a little harder to track down. It’s interesting because that’s a high ratio and it testifies to the widespread thirst of consumers to have the absolute latest bleeding edge software on their phone and I would submit that the same mentality is present when it comes to buying phones for the people who can afford the tip-top shelf phone available. Maybe Motorola with their stupid locked bootloaders should take note.

Doug Simmons