Bill Shrink put together a graphic that goes through the popularity of the various OSes out there and reminds us that the iPhone is not the only phone out there. It also goes through the likelihood to stick with your platform and app sales. Of course, this stuff changes by the minutes, but it’s still an interesting graphic:


  1. Interesting but I would have thought HTC would have gotten a mention for Phone Market share by brand.

  2. under mobile phones worldwide, the percent of the world that uses a mobile phone chart is more than 75% but it says 68%…. it looks like the same as the US one

  3. 99.4% of app downloads belong to apple devices? that’s nutty.

    I mean, being an iPhone 4 and iPad owner, I completely understand why, but that’s a crazy statistic!

  4. @Chris Leiter: While I’m sure the actual, current percentage is in fact nutty, I doubt it’s nearly that high. Keep in mind a couple of things:
    1. This info all seems to be from 2009. Android has moved in on iOS quite a bit this year.
    2. They can’t possibly know how many apps were downloaded in 2009 for Windows Mobile because there’s no legitimate central app store like there is for Apple. Yeah, the iPhone and its app store are huge, but take a look at xda-developers and just look at how many people are online at that moment. There are a ton of WM and Android users out there, and they’re getting apps from all over the place (especially the WM users).

  5. Well, yes, I can’t argue with that sentiment.

    But you have to admit, they have been very successful at selling smartphones to people who otherwise wouldn’t have considered using smartphones. I think that, more than anything, is what Microsoft would like to emulate with WP7.

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