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How to Enable Panoramic Camera Mode Without Jailbreaking

Recently, we told you about the panoramic camera mode that was uncovered in iOS 5. Then, we showed you how to enable for yourself with the jailbreak tweak, Firebreak.

If your jailbroken it’s not a problem, but if your not then you have no way to enable right? Wrong. Luckily, the guys over at FSM just posted a method to enable the Panorama feature, no jailbreak required.

All you need to do this is a desktop computer (PC or Mac) and file editing software that’s compatible with iDevices. FSM recommends using iBackupBot, but we’re assuming other programs will work as well.

For this tutorial we will use iBackupBot, which you can download here for free.

Step 1. Backup your iPhone using iTunes.

Step 2. Load up iBackupBot, and open your latest backup.

Step 3. Locate the Library/Preferences/ file and open it.

Step 4. Add in the following code above the <key>LastSelectTab</key> line: <key>EnableFirebreak</key><string>YES</string>

Step 5. To save, click the Export icon. Once it’s exported, click the Restore icon and choose the file you just saved.

That’s all there is to it. FSM claims this trick works on the iPhone 4S. So there you have it, if your iDevice isn’t jailbroken and your dying to try the Panaroma feature, give this a try.

Originally written for Blu3Sn0w Development 

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