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How to get Siri to Tweet and post to Facebook [workaround]

I have just been reading on several websites their Siri reviews and it seems everyone agrees just how cool Siri is, but there are some limitations to it. I have not had much time since getting my iPhone 4S to really test it out as I had to head immediately out of the country on business, however our own iPhone guru iChris has just found a workaround to get Siri to Tweet as well as post to Facebook.

Check out the instructions below as Chris runs us through them and give it a try!

I just made an account on <>
Then I linked my twitter account in Autopost settings
Then I made a contact on my phone called Tweeter
"Send an email to Tweeter"
what would you like it to say?
ready to send?
"Change the Subject"
What would you like the subject to be?
Ready to send?
Can also auto post to Facebook and other places in the same way.
(the last tweet I just did, Siri asked for the subject first… weird.)

Thanks Chris and please drop a comment if this worked for you and any other hot tips and tricks!