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How to install an .IPA app file on your iPhone @ Funky Kit

Here’s another interesting tidbit from the news box, this one comes from a site called Funky Kit and it’s a How-To guide on installing an IPA file on your iPhone without jailbreaking it! I missed it but they previously did an article about playing AVI files on your iPhone as well. You’ll find links to both below for your reading pleasure..




Earlier, I written a "must-read" article on how to transfer and play .AVI movies on your iPhone. For this, you need the VLC media player app installed on your iOS device, which I thought was readily available, But to my surprise, I was approached by one of our readers saying … "Thanks, it’s a great article, but unfortunately I can’t download the VLC media player from the Apps Store in my country!"

Well, fear not! …  In our next steps, I will show you how you can download the VLC.ipa app file, and install it on to your iPhone (or any iOS device) without Jailbreaking or any dodgey tricks.

Read the rest of the article here …