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How versatile is the Surface Pro, really?

The Surface Pro is a work and play PC-on-the-go-in-a-tablet-form. That probably sums up Microsoft’s approach to the Surface so far: a touch-screen tablet with a keyboard/cover, with a stylus pen thrown in for – what, exactly?

Well, just ask Twitter user and online comic strip artist @cwgabriel. After hearing that the Surface uses Wacom technology, he went to a Microsoft Store and tried one out. He then tweeted his interest and a Microsoftie offered to send him a Surface Pro to test!  Lucky guy!

I won’t spoil the story, so check out his blog and find out how he used it for drawing today’s (2/26/2013 if you’re reading this after that date) Penny Arcade comic strip, and how he then switched gears to use it (or rather, how his wife is using it) to play games.

So, what do you think? Is the Surface Pro viable on-the-go option for you?

Picture belongs to @cwgabriel.