Whats this? Another android tablet? But hold on, this one is special, it’s a HTC android tablet. um, no…sorry…that doesn’t make it any more special. Its still an Android tablet. Hardly what’s needed to catch apple. Someone please, just wake me when the Windows 8 tablets get here.


source Engadget.com


  1. i sure as hell did. microsft can and will catch any and everyone. time is all thats needed. ask google…30% marketshare has them a little worried these days….

  2. According to comScore, which we at least have used many times (first time I’ve heard of Hitwise), Google’s at exactly the same share as it was getting last summer.

    Bing’s growth, to which would you attribute that, their having designed a superior search engine or a zero sum game reshuffling of Yahoo’s share whose hits are now “powered by” Bing? By the way, I just looked at Yahoo’s site. They’re still Yahoo. No mention of Microsoft or Bing, no rebranding — however what is evident of Microsoft on yahoo.com is the Google Instant embracing and extending, Microsoft putting their touch on what Google came up with a while ago.

    Well good for Microsoft, making headlines, presumably sparking a huge 1% selloff of Google shares in a single day (though weirdly, Microsoft fell more). Maybe when they run out of more Google competitors to pay to let them claim responsibility for their traffic they can try to buy such things from Google instead of stealing it. On the other hand, the only thing supporting their stock price is their income and dividends, not investor optimism on growth from things like Windows phones and Windows tablets. Sort of like AT&T.

    Exactly like AT&T actually.

  3. Yo brev I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Google has one of the best browsers of all time!

  4. @Doug Simmons:

    That’s great and all… but did you notice the part where the article states that that preview ie10 is actually running on windows 8 on an ARM PROCESSOR?
    I wasn’t knocking your browser of choice.

  5. @brev: hang on brev…i wont have you knocking the google boys among us like this!!! wait…yes i will. go right ahead!

    mr.simmons…you defend that ad agency with great honor….maybe one day they’ll know what it feel like to be a technology company.

  6. brev: I was just returning a Kanye West / Taylor Swift volley which incidentally was about browsers.

    ramon: That’s true, I do, but in all fairness to business in general and to step away from just blindly defending Google, what the hell is Google thinking, blowing what could have been used, say, to pay me dividends on the shares I own, on something like this? How the hell do they think they can monetize robot cars with their ad brokering? They didn’t think of that. Here’s precisely what they were thinking when making that decision: “Well, point taken Toby, I can’t think of how this could help us either, but seriously, why not guys? C’mon, let’s see what happens. We’re Google baby! Get pumped! I got some buddies at MIT who can help us.”

    Know your place Google (I’m addressing Google now), the ad brokerage biz is cutthroat and if you screw around with your robot cars too much you’ll get crushed like a bug by Facebook probably when they figure out how to get more than a tenth of your clickthrough rate. You clearly have no idea what you’re doing and don’t give me that bull on how those evil spy cars that were probably just going around to collect license plate numbers drove 140K miles total autonomously without incident before you told anyone. Also, next time buy American assholes.

  7. @ ramon trotman – LOL. Ad agency… I like that. But I actually like simmons, he’s blunt with his shit… even tho he’s wrong half the time.

    @ Doug Simmons – “step away from just blindly defending Google”. Yeah right! After watching the video (which was only a preview of ie10), what was your comment to me again?

  8. Okay, neat trick with the fish, my GPU appears to be working. So what do you think will happen, web developers generating enough of a demand for this GPU offloading in browsers to attract people back toward IE and away from wherever they’ve made their nest (plus whatever other tricks show up in the stable release) or the competition remaining great enough to continue to create IE user attrition?

    I just began using Chrome more than Firefox. I liked Chrome before that happened and put it on every computer I came in contact with, but stuck with Firefox because of extensions. Chrome was light on such development. Nice and simple but I want to get under the hood.

    So people start using Chrome and developers start developing, now I’ve got it customized exactly how I want it with exception to this thing I use on Firefox to save images by hovering over it for half a second, then popping up a small little button that drops it into my .. pictures folder. Can’t find an equivalent for Chrome. Also, if I’m in a downloading mood the separate search box, which I also tweaked up on mycroft.org, I’ll use Firefox on one screen for that — though if I had to have one or the other I’d go with the omnibar of Chrome. I’ve got 36 extensions in Firefox, almost 50 in Chrome not including Greasemonkey scripts.

    Why do I need all those scripts? Few random examples: One drops a site’s RSS feed straight into my Google Reader account, one emails highlighted text and images on one website to the writers, one sends a page or Google Maps thing to my phone, one blocks ads, one tells me where the site is located, unclose tabs, good screencap thing, one tells me details on the server software, one loads a page in an embedded IE tab for lame websites, Google Voice thing, report a site to google as being potentially evil, whether a site is running Google Analytics or not.. you get the idea. None of those are commonly needed enough to warrant being loaded into the browser out of the box but there are a lot of people out there who have at least some special needs and with Chrome and Firefox those needs are very well accommodated whereas with IE they are not. Chrome is nice and pretty like IE is becoming except which one of them do you think allows you to install greasemonkey scripts without having to install a greasemonkey handler. Chrome fulfills my needs those of anyone I come in contact with in my personal life and professionally. Especially if money’s on the line, I would have to be remarkably dumb not to push IE if I felt it would benefit a given client overall more than Chrome.

    Microsoft snatched its browser share illegally and has since been steadily losing it to the guys with the better product and the glue that is the loyalty of those consumers to everything other than Microsoft for their web browsers and phones and their phone’s web browser has hardened considerably. If they can reverse that trend, good for them and good, in this case, for HTML5 and pet stores who sell fish online. That’s my comment to you.

    Tl;dr: Okay, not bad, but Chrome ftw.

  9. @Doug Simmons:
    Cool story bro, so Imma let’chu finish… but again, WINDOWS 8 WAS RUNNING ON AN ARM PROCESSOR in that video and ran well. On a 1ghz Tegra 2 Arm processor. Which btw, that same OS also ran Chrome and Firefox. If still not clear on the significance of this, 2 full OS internet browsers run completely functional on Windows 8. That means, Windows 8 is going to kick major ass in the tablet space. Sleep on MS if you want but this video shows a lot of promise.

    I couldn’t care less about the performance differences of HTML5 between the three browsers…. I should have just posted the link and the part of the article that specified Arms to show more relevance to the discussion you and Ramon were having about tablets. Ma bad.

  10. Yeah well you know what ISN’T showing promise with tablets? Apple.

    Instead of that they opted to deliver. That’s what they do, it’s their thing — they have earned a reputation for that to the degree that they don’t even roll by Aol every now and then to say say Hey Engadget, here’s some promise we think you should show your audience, a little preview teaser of the awesome things to come sometime down the road.

    They don’t do that. They keep things secret, I mean wikileaks-proof secret, then the man emerges with the polished product in hand and on its way to stores.

    Hopefully for Microsoft their success with laptops is a better indicator of their potential with tablets than their phone work serves..

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