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HTC HD2 Extended Battery With A Kickstand Back Cover

People are really buzzing about the HTC & T-Mobile HTC HD2 that is soon to be released. But with all that HTC HD2 Snapdragon and 4.3 goodness will come at the expense of chewing up some hefty Milliamps drainage! So when power to recharge the HD2 is not available, a good alternative is an extended battery. Clove Technology has a pretty cool extended battery that will not only double the 1230 mAh battery but give you a cool back cover that includes a kickstand for your device. This will make it very handy to take advantage of the beautiful 4.3” screen if you watch a lot of media.


The price of the HTC HD2 Extended Battery and Kickstand Cover is £45 (£52.88 inc VAT) or $86.00 to all of us on this side of the pond. For more information and pre-ordering, yep, it’s not available yet, but should be next month, check out Clove Technology’s website or just CLICK HERE