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HTC Sensation EU- first HTC unlocked bootloader

htc-sensation-unlocked-bootloaderWe’ve seen some easing up on the Android  locked bootloaders and HTC is also committing themselves to unlocking their bootloaders as well. Saying that they “are committed to listening to users”, HTC will now allow their bootloaders to be unlocked on all 2011 models going forward. HTC is quick to make sure everyone knows the risks with unlocking your bootloader and they make clear that you are doing so at your own risk. Also, for anyone not sure what we are talking about, unlocking your bootloader does not mean your SIM is unlocked which would allow you to take your device to another carrier. It simply means developers would have access to the operating system. Your carrier will have to unlock your SIM. HTC also goes on to say that unlocked bootloaders will continue to get firmware over the air (FOTA) updates.

HTC is committed to assisting customers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices. However, certain models may not be unlockable due to operator restrictions. We continue to work with our partners on this, check back often for ongoing updates about unlockable devices.

Currently, on the website, the only supported device is the EU version of the Sensation. The US version of the T-Mobile Sensation 4G and the Sprint EVO 3D appear to be the next up bootloader unlocking. We’ll keep you posted but in the meantime, if you want to check out the page, they have the EU Sensation available now.

Thanks David!

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