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HTC’s 1Q Earnings Fall 30% Because Of Delayed Shipments

I would hate to be the Production Manager at HTC right about now if it’s true that their Obscene Profit growth for several Quarters in a row fell because of Delayed Shipments. According to, HTC in Q1 2009,  that ended on March 31st, fell 30% from 6.94 Billion (210 Million) last year to NT4.89 Billion (148 Million). It’s not all bad for HTC as they can tell the Reuters poll of ten analysts to pack sand in their left ear and walk lopsided as they predicted HTC to come in at a Forecasted Earnings of NT4.64 Billion (140 Million).


Revenues were down 3.4 percent to NT$31.59 billion ($954 million) in Q1 from NT$32.70 billion ($988 million) a year earlier, missing the company’s forecast in February of sales of NT$33 billion ($997 million). HTC blamed the missed target—which reached 95.7 percent of its forecast—on a delay in product shipments, which were pushed forward to April. Tapei-based KGI Securities analyst Vincent Liao told Dow Jones that the results were “in-line with expectations,” citing weak demand for expensive smartphones and the small number of product launches in the first quarter. Liao said he expected sales to pick up from the second quarter. (Release).

Well I got just the ticket for HTC to make up some extra sales missing from the first quarter, and that is to hurry up and launch the Touch Pro II over here in the US! In any case, don’t worry too much about HTC as they are already expecting sales to improve in the second quarter.