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HTC’s Copy and Paste

I received a text message today that I wanted to delete so I tapped on the message and was intending to go to ‘delete’ but instead was greeted with a copy and paste menu. Just take a look at the pic. You get options of copy, select all and menu. Pressing menu is the same as the right soft key and gives a full menu. To copy and paste you can move either of the two grey sliders to mark the beginning and end of the copy and paste text. Once you’ve selected text you can paste it as well, as expected.

Does this format look familiar to anyone? No? Come on, just admit you’ve used an iPhone before because it’s a near perfect rip off. It’s just lacking the ‘zoom’ feature that pops up on the iPhone. With that said, it does work very well and is easy to use. But, it’s limited to the text message page as far as I can tell.

I am still using the stock TMo HD2 ROM so changes are you’re using a newer ROM then I am so you can test this out for yourself. Wonder if this is in the Apple lawsuit or not…I’m sure Apple patented sneezing so copy and paste has to be theirs:)