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HTC’s New On Screen Keyboard Continues To Improve

If you are like me, having a slide out keyboard on your device is must. I use it to respond to text messages and emails on a daily basis. There are times that I wish having a better soft keyboard on my device would really be a welcome. If you remember, the old school SIP was very small, almost impossible to use if you had large fingers or not. It required a stylus to use. The Touch Pro offered the “new” style on screen keyboard that was finally finger friendly. The HTC Diamond II and Touch Pro II continue to evolve with a really nice SIP that included directional buttons on the bottom and larger buttons overall. Today we learn that HTC isn’t finished improving their on screen keyboard, they have yet another version that was taken from a leaked ROM on the upcoming Firestone device.  Judging from the video shot by this new version is the best yet. It removes the on screen directional buttons in place of a single button that when pressed and held, replaces the top row of the keyboard to the directional buttons which frees up a lot more space. Also, and this is the coolest part of the changes for me, is the suggested word placement is now at the top of the screen instead of replacing once again the top row of buttons on the keyboard. Overall, this looks to be a really nice improvement for HTC who is obviously continuing down the road of devices like the Touch HD and Diamond II that do not have slide out keyboards. So check out the video and let us know what you think.