It has been a long time since I appealed to our readers and now that we have slowed down so much, I wonder how many of you are left? Fortunately, or unfortunately in this case I have Google Analytics set up on Mobility Digest and I know just how many people come to the site on a daily basis. But that’s not the point. The point is I’m wondering what we can do to get some of our readers back, but even more interested in seeing how we can get you engaged with commenting more often. Massive volumes of traffic is not my interest anymore. Blogs like Mobility Digest do not make any money so that’s why you see very few of them any more. What I am interested in is getting back to having a good reader base that comment and have fun. That is really why I started it way back when we all had Windows Mobile pocket pc(s). I remember the tweaking and the themes and even the custom ROMs. I miss it tremendously. So now that tweaking and cooking are a thing of the past, what do you guys want to talk about? What type of news, reviews or other content would you  like to see? We sure could use your help.

Mobility Digest could also use some writers. Nothing fancy. Just some decent writing about interesting topics and have some fun? We could use all manner of content submissions, suggestions or even comments. So here it is. I double dog dare you to drop a comment and let us know what you think? Personally I would love to see more of Doug Simmons RC helicopter articles and ranting about, well just about anything. Which brings me to another question? What else could Mobility Digest post about? I think it is time to move past the mobile technology fenced in back yard. I know the name limits us but that is always something we could fix.

So I double dog dare you. Let me know what you think.



  1. What’s in a name? I can think of many topics and tie it back in to mobility. Taking a page from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella MD can focus on the mobility of experiences. What’s going on in the world while we use various technologies. Aren’t cars like the ultimate mobile technology vehicle. The Drive at 5 Series where the focus is on how one deals with the commute using various technologies. The pitfalls of relying on tech. Radio continous to exist because its a low tech solution that is reliable while our smartphones are subject to data caps and signal strength. There is no box!

  2. I agree that there is a wide spectrum of topics we could discuss. Will discuss. I’m glad to expand into other areas and hopefully develop a following again. If not, we always have our group so lets see where it goes.

  3. With the Internet of Things all around us, you could write about solar panels, washing machines, refrigerators or door locks. Cause all of those things can be accessed and managed with your mobile device. The topic is unlimited in scope.

    I don’t try to be the first to post on things anymore. Mobility Digest isn’t a news site. It’s more an honest, unbiased (well……), uninfluenced, site. I tend to write about things after I have digested them for a time. And occasionally regurgitated them. As a confirmed Microsoft fan boy and former resident of Newark. NJ (born and raised in the armpit of the nation), I can talk fairly and sometimes critically of those subjects. I won’t openly knock Apple or Google (although kidd…ing, I mean Bahaaaa… isn’t off the table), if I haven’t actually experienced the platform or product. That’s not being fair and honest. My goal is to help people make informed decisions. My influence and opinion can’t be bought at any price.

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