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iCloud vs Mango: Microsoft Showcases the Power of SkyDrive

If yesterday’s iCloud feature announcement served to do anything it was to give iOS users their one shot at being able to claim innovation.  There is one problem with that, Microsoft isn’t going to let that happen.  Way back at Mobile World Congress and at MIX ‘11 we saw that SkyDrive integration was deepened.  People wondered if Mango also included video upload and attachment capability.  Well here’s your answer to your dreams.  Microsoft blogged about the power of an existing feature/technology SkyDrive here. You can also do a search across SkyDrive even from your phone to find the content you’re looking for.  Nice!  Videos below offer up some visual candy if that’s your style.  So can we please stop this nonsense that iCloud has done anything innovative.

Thanks to WMPoweruser for the heads up.