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Icons From TP2 Ported and Cabbed

Want the new icons from the TP2? It’s pretty simple now that Korand of XDA did the hard work and made them into a cab for us. All you need to do now is download this file, install the cab and soft reset. These icons will replace the standard icons in the Programs directory and in the TF3D Programs tab as well. I also noticed that I have a few shortcuts that I didn’t have before in my programs directory which are actually handy (and if you don’t want any just remove them). And his pic is pretty nice but I still like four columns in my Programs directory. There were a lot of icons to port so it’s more work than it sounds like so feel free to head over to the XDA thread and give some love.

You should know that icons are generally hard to uninstall so if you try this you are probably keeping them unless you want to hard reset:)