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Idolian Announces the IdolPad Plus for $98

Cheap is nice and you might wonder if a $98 tablet is worth it? I can’t say for sure, but I do own and Idolian tablet and I like it a lot. The new IdolPad Plus they’re offering is only $98 and it features a 7” capacitive screen with a Cortex A8 1ghz CPU, 512mb ram and 4gb of storage on board. It’s running Android 4.0 and even comes with Google Play which most ‘cheap’ tablets do not!

– Idolian Mobile announces IdolPad PLUS, a new Tablet PC model at a low price of $98. The newest Idolian Tablet PC features the Android 4.0 operating system and a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. At $98, the IdolPad PLUS is the lowest priced 7-inch Android Tablet PC currently available in the market.

The IdolPad PLUS follows Idolian’s highly successful IdolPad priced at $99, which has garnered heavy interest and continues in popularity with a large number of sales since it was released. Customer satisfaction with the product has been positive as well.

IdolPad PLUS offers a capacitive touch screen which has a lower response time and is more sensitive than a resistive touch screen. Also, the capacitive touch screen transmits 90 percent of the light emitted from it which provides a better viewing experience. It also offers a Cortex A8 1 GHz CPU processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. The design is very thin and light with fully functional Android Google Play and Adobe Flash Player. And with its price tag of $98, the IdolPad PLUS is significantly less expensive than competitors, such as the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle.

Expecting to generate heavy interest in the product, Jay Kim, founder of Idolian Mobile, states that “The IdolPad PLUS will be available for pre-orders on our website ( by June 8 and shipping will begin June 18.” Also, it will be available for sale on Amazon, Sears and as well.

In addition to the IdolPad PLUS, Idolian will introduce TouchTab IPS, IdolPad 10 and TurboTab 10 within the next few weeks. The company also plans to add an action camera/camcorder to its current product offerings.

Currently, Idolian offers 11 different Tablet PC models from its website. Tablet PC accessories and an extended protection plan are also available.

“We believe IdolPad PLUS brings more options to the tablet PC market,” concluded Kim. “Although anyone can appreciate the price point and features, teachers and schools will see IdolPad PLUS as a cost-effective way to bring tablet access into the classroom. Parents will also love giving their children a platform for games and movies without the iPad price tag.”